Small yet powerful

Get your micro site designed by Lambent Soft to reach out to a wider audience and to make an effective web presence.

Lambent Soft is a specialist in designing micro sites for various industries. We have developed specialized micro sites for various industries. Each of them targets a different phrase through website building techniques and processes.

If you want to speed up the development process and to add more pages in the future to allow a higher level of ease, then micro site design is what you need. Our micro sites are consistently designed and are made using freely available plugins.

We assemble the micro site design and place it as a child directory under your chief website, or as a sub domain. To get the maximum benefits from your micro site, contact us today and ask us about our packages.

About Lambentsoft Solutions

Fact: Technology is worthless without talent. At Lambent Soft, you don’t just get technology, but talent as well. We hire only the best in our teams so that your web campaign always works for you. - read more